From cancer to differentiated cell

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is the most common and aggressive malignant primary brain tumour.

40,000 new cases per year globally

GBM tumours are difficult to treat

Considered incurable

Nearly 100% of patients experience disease relapse after initial treatment

Current standard of care

is of limited benefit and prognosis is poor

Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

There are 4 approved therapies which have had minimal impact on survival – TMZ the only therapy to demonstrate OS benefit (2.5 months)

Average survival after diagnosis is 15 months

Our solution: differentiation therapy

Paradigm shift in treating brain cancer

Differentiation therapy turns cancer stem cells into “normal”, mature brain cells, thereby rendering them unable to multiply and incapable of perpetuating the tumor

A platform technology leveraging neurobiology of brain stem cells to discover biological drugs that specifically tackle tumor cells, particularly aggressive cancer stem cells.

The strength of our approach

Distruptive discovery Platform

An unprecedented approach in the field of solid tissue cancers

Overcames flaws in drug discovery

responsible for repeated failures in neurocology

Pipeline of unconventional and innovative leads

Standard drug development time reduced by ten folds

A distruptive discovery and validation platform


Brain Cancer Stem Cell
Primary Lines


Surgery Tissue

Definition of new Leads

Data Analysis and Data Quering

Differentional Functional Conditions

Predictive Canditates


Golden Canditates

Golden Candidates
Agonism/Antagonism Strategies


Our Platform is based on the largest collection of brain primary cancer and normal stem cell lines.

By proprietary assays it discovers and validates new leads that tackle specific cell functions in cancer-initiating cells with unprecedented, unmatched prediction ability