We are StemGen

A clinical state biotech company
developing innovative differentiation biotherapies for cancer

StemGen was created in 2006 and engaged in the research and development of innovative oncological therapies, for improving the lives of people with gliomas and glioblastomas. The Company, which was built upon the knowledge and expertise of a world-class research team led by renowned neuroscientist Prof. Angelo Vescovi, is a drug discovery and development company.

How it began

Prof. Vescovi was the first scientist to discover and isolate human brain stem cells, and he was also the originator of the pro-differentiation approach in the therapy of brain tumors.

He and his team at the end of 2006 have identified a game changing, candidate therapeutic approach, based on the use of the bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP4) to re-program the cancer stem cells of the human brain back to a non tumorigenic state.

The results of this approach by Prof. Vescovi were published in December 2006 in the prestigious journal Nature. Therefore, StemGen’s researchers represent one of the best R&D teams in this field worldwide, and the strategic human assets of the Company.

Our aim: cure cancer from its roots

The mission of StemGen is to discover and develop innovative and effective therapeutics in the area of solid cancers, through the exploitation of its unique know-how and technology in the field of normal and cancer stem cells.

Particular emphasis had originally been put on the study of incurable brain cancers, namely glioblastomas. More recently, StemGen’s activity has rapidly and successfully expanded to impact on colorectal carcinomas.

The Company’s intellectual property is based on the following patents:


“Inhibition of the tumorigenic potential of tumor stem cells by LIF and BMPS ”.


Angelo Luigi Vescovi, Brent Allen Reynolds

US 2012/0083454 A1

“EPH receptor expression in tumor stem cells ”.


Angelo Luigi Vescovi, Elena Binda

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